Vladimir Sitnikov
Chief Executive Officer
Work experience
2020- Until now Chief marketing officer at SIT Alemira
Alemira is a self-improving, open, learning experience platform for educational institutions and corporations that want to dramatically improve the effectiveness of learning for students, employees and partners.
2020 - Until now Chief marketing officer at Schaffhausen Institute of Technology
SIT's mission is to advance knowledge and discovery in science and technology areas with open research challenges and the potential for commercial applications.
2018 - Present CEO at Hardcore Analytics LLC
Provide consulting, marketing, and product development services to multiple international companies. We created Streamed app for mobile video streamers.
2017-2018 Chief marketing officer (CMO) at Capital.com/Banuba Development
Fintech, AR, ML, Mobile apps, Gaming Built a highly-skilled distributed marketing team: 32 people, 4 locations. Managed performance marketing, growth, PR, web development, and content departments. Created go-to-market strategies and prepared marketing part of business plans for the Board of Directors and Government Agencies. Developed internal analytics and machine learning system for content, advertising, and communications personalization, real-time LTV prediction for ROI optimization, prioritization of incoming leads.
2016-2017 Chief marketing officer (CMO) at Selectel / Vscale
Lead marketing, PR, web development, content production, and events teams.Developed an internal analytics system, which allowed accurate prediction of available servers supplies and optimized marketing to maximize utilization of the company's CAPEX. Standardized and prepared sales assets and took part in meeting with major clients. 70% YOY revenue growth on the Russian market Rebranding and price adjustments for better segmentation between different customer segments. Launched new B2C service offering (vscale.io)
2014-2017 Marketing Lead at JetBrains
Software for developers and IT managers

Built marketing operations team from scratch (advertising, partner marketing, SEO, email marketing and automation, content marketing, PR, and analytics). Created long term marketing strategy and execute it on the global market. Developed internal data management, reporting, and marketing automation system. Successful rebranding and business model change to subscriptions for all products. Recurring revenue became more stable, and the churn rate decreased. I have implemented a more targeted approach to Asian marketing. Marketing ROI about 3000% (calculated by LTV), YOY Revenue growth above 30%.

2010-2014 head of performance marketing at Veeam Software

Data protection and management software

Built high performance distributed marketing team with performance advertising, SEO, branding, content marketing, lead nurturing, and Analytics/CRM/MA departments. Planned and executed international marketing strategy (14 languages, worldwide market) in collaboration with top management, local marketing teams, sales department, partners, and product management team. Organized internal budgeting and expense control processes. Developed and implemented KPIs for team leaders. Automated and optimized lead generation, qualification, and nurturing processes. Brand positioned as a global leader in data protection software. Multiple industry awards and good relationships with industry thought leaders. 60% of net new leads acquired through online channels with ROI above 1900% and more than $80 mln attributed yearly revenue.
2002-2010 Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI"

Microwave systems and communication networks
2009-2010 Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI"
PR and mass communications
2019-2019 Wharton Online
Program Scaling your Business
Achievements and certificates
  • 1
    Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  • 2
    Advertising Fundamentals Exam
  • 3
    Search Advertising Advanced Exam
  • 4
    Display Advertising Advanced Exam
  • 5
    Reporting & Analysis Advanced Exam
  • 6
    IMU Training and Certification
    Hubspot Inbound Marketing University
Professional skills
  • Digital Marketing - Management - Leadership
  • Strategy - Web Analytics - Marketing Strategy
  • SEO - SEM - B2B Marketing - CRM - PPC
  • Online Marketing - Marketing - Market Analysis
  • Content Strategy - Email Marketing
  • Market Research - Analytical thinking
  • Conversion Optimization - Online Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing - Data Analysis
  • Business Analysis - Product Marketing
  • E-commerce - Web Development - Consulting
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Business Development - Salesforce.com
  • Google Analytics - R - Google Adwords
  • Google Webmaster Tools - Lead Generation
  • Strategic Thinking - Strategic Partnerships
  • Marketing Automation - Website Development
  • Landing Page Optimization - Marketing Process
  • Predictive Analytics - CRM software
  • Multivariate Testing - Remarketing - RTB
  • Sentiment Analysis

Антон родился и вырос в Санкт-Петербурге. Он с детства увлекался спортом и чтением. После окончания школы семья переехала в США и он начал изучать дизайн. Его выбор пал на Калифорнийский университет, где он с успехом прошел на курс дизайна продукта. Его куратором стал знаменитый Бред Блек. С успехом окончив университет, Антон решил продолжить свое образование на курсах по бизнес-маркетингу.

Курсы помогли расширить представление о профессии. Через год он поступил в университет Мичигана, чтобы получить степень магистра. После окончания обучения с отличием, Антон работал в крупнейших фирмах города, проводя маркетинговые исследования и создавая стратегии для спортивных брендов.